On Second Thought

At first I wasn’t going to post SMASH episode 6: Chemistry. Every week each new episode begins with what happened to characters that I’m not particularly interested in.  Who could that be you ask? Well anyone who isn’t Megan Hilty silly bunnies.

Look here’s the deal: All you have to do is LISTEN to Megan Hilty sing and she BLOWS Katherine McPhee out of the water., Every Single Time. Sure McPhee has a great voice, but it’s not suited for Broadway. There’s NO Way she can compete with a Tony Award nominated actress who starred for 4 years  in the Broadway musical: Wicked. Plus Megan said that her character and the director develop a relationship. Even though he appears to treat her foul, you can kinda of see her point. You'll See.

McPhee does popular music great and her version of Shake It Up [by Florence and the Machine] was really good, but the moment Hilty in the role of Ivy Lynn started to sing her first song I was like: Is that Beyonce? [Actually the song is from Jessie J]. Oh Snap! Hilty got pop down too?

So I’m starting to feel pretty confident that Ivy Lynn will remain as Marilyn for some time. That  is unless Katherine McPhee develops Broadway lungs by episode 7. In the meantime please enjoy SMASH Episode 6: Chemistry.

I LOVE The Song: History Is Made At Night


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