What’s a Girl To Do?……

“When we left Rosewood last week on “Pretty Little Liars,” a cop showed up at Emily’s door, looking for Maya St. Germaine.”
Where the heck is Maya St. Germaine? Now Maya is missing, well that stalker boy she was with at juvie camp most likely abducted Maya. So does this mean that Maya is in danger? Well it certainly doesn’t mean that Maya St. Germaine is not in danger.

In the the Season Finale will Emily attempt a heroic rescue of Maya? Is Maya in danger?
Poor Emily, she just doesn’t seem to have much luck with women. Maya can’t decide what gender she wants to be with and either voluntarily goes running off with or is abducted by Juvie Camp Stalker Boyfriend [Maybe]. 

And Paige looks Damn CRAZY and has no clue on how to be with a woman yet.
The Curse of Babes like 

Emily Fields in that they ALWAYS attract the Crazies, oh why don’t the Crazies learn to stay in their place?
[Shay Mitchell a.k.a Emily Fields]


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