The Chosen One…

DONE: Mitt Romney has announced GOP Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate. Yet within minutes of tapping Paul Ryan as his vice presidential nominee, presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney was distancing himself from the congressman's controversial budget, which includes steep cuts to government programs and changing Medicare into a voucher-like program.
The Romney campaign sent out talking points on Saturday that made the case that he was his own man on matters of Medicare and Social Security and that he wouldn't be tied to a document he insisted he'd sign into law and once called "marvelous."

Ryan is best known for the extreme budget that bears his name -- one that would end Medicare as we know it while giving huge tax breaks to billionaires and corporations. A Romney-Ryan ticket is a frightening prospect for the middle class and anyone who might one day need Medicare or Medicaid.

It's no surprise –that racist, elitist and sexist George [Macaca] Allen has often lavished praise on the Ryan budget, calling it
a "worthwhile approach" that is similar in many respects to his own economic proposal. And in the Senate, George Allen supported an amendment designed to divert Social Security funds into private accounts -- which, if he had gotten his way, would have left retirees' hard-earned savings devastated after the crash of the housing and stock markets that followed his Senate term.

We need leaders in Congress who are committed to protecting and strengthening Social Security and Medicare. Tim Kaine opposes radical efforts like the Ryan plan to dismantle earned benefit programs, and supports a balanced approach to our deficit that honors the nation's promises to our seniors.
For anyone over 55 years old, well under a Romney/Ryan admiration your days are numbered. Anyone who is a caregiver to an elderly parent: Good Luck! you’re going to need it.

The GOP has their team, and now it's more important than ever that we stand behind ours.

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