Tell Her To STFU…….

Monica Mehta is assuredly a conservative, but more annoying is the fact that she is rude and seemingly clueless to the realities that people living below the poverty  line face on a daily bass. Watch as she gets her A$$ handed to her by the show’s facilitator.


Then Read about Romney’s welfare collecting, Mexican family history.

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 GOP presidential ticket of Mitt Romney and Rep. Paul Ryan are fond of attacking 'social entitlements,' but their campaign has failed to mention that Mitt Romney's father George Romney was on "welfare relief" when he first arrived in the U.S., according to an interview with Romney's mother Lenore recorded in 1962.
George Romney was running for governor in Michigan in 1962, so this interview was part of Lenore's effort to help him get elected, which he was (video below).


George Romney was born in Mexico and moved with his family to El Paso, Texas, during the Mexican Revolution, reports http://addictinginfo.org.
The family received $250, food, clothing, and other supplies from the U.S. government. The family later invested some of their money in the stock market and used that cash to send George Romney to college. Mitt Romney could have been a symbol for the SUCCCESS THAT CAN BE Achieved by the CHILDREN OF IMMIGRANTS AND WELFARE RECIPIENTS, BUT INSTEAD HE CHOOSES TO REPRESENT THE ENEMIES OF THOSE GROUPS.
Previously I wrote that I was disappointed in the way our current president always seemed to acquiesce to Teapublican demands.

I was even willing to hear what Romney offered. Then I heard what he offered and as usual it was the same old Republican rhetoric (I don’t know why I expected anything different) with a significant twist, it is even MORE extreme than the rhetoric of previous Republican Presidential nominees.
Not to mention the fact that male and racial insecurity are at an ALL Time HIGH this election season, with white men doing their darndest to control a woman’s right to choose what’s best for her body, by attempting to outlaw Abortion.
Make NO Mistake that the two fold goal of this is to ensure patriarchal dominance and increase racial growth. Don’t believe the “Protecting the Unborn” spiel because if those babies are born to poor women of color they will be victimized not only by extreme poverty as  a result of the evisceration of Welfare and other social protections, but also inability to aspire to greatnes or otherwise “self-actualize.


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