For The Birds

When I was a little girl, really talking little I saw  a movie that is now considered a classic: The Birds directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

What makes this movie one of Hitchcock’s greatest films?

One of the things that stand out the most in The Birds, aside from the usual Hitchcock's signature crispness of direction, are the oddities. 

For one, there's an abundance of long pauses and dearth of dialogue. There are countless scenes in which characters will just look at each other for a long time, even despite strong emotional reactions that would usually cause other characters to ask what was wrong with them. It's as if Hitchcock was conceptualizing making a film completely free of dialogue. In any event, there's successful experimentation with communicating through silence/

 But this post is not about the movie The Birds, it is about Hitchcock’s relationships with his leading ladies. He had a penchant for blond actresses. Grace Kelly, Kim Novak, and Tippi Hedren, represented a Hollywood where the Blond Starlet was actually beautiful, unlike today where it seems that any emaciated or overly plump average looking blond is regaled and if she's lesbian well she's trumpeted by the online lesbian sites. 

Yes I am well aware that this is probably done in an effort of inclusiveness, an attempt to boost the identity of young readers.  

I am confident that the readers of Lesberatti are secure enough in their identity to understand that my view of the "Hollywood Blond" in no way embraces a notion that my ideal is something all young women should aspire to. I'm not even white and no I do not think blonds set the standard for beauty.  That's silly, they are merely another variation.  

Clearly my perfect blond is a remnant of my childhood crush on Grace Kelly, who apparently had a similar effect on Alfred Hitchcock, as he valiantly attempted to emulate her after she left Hollywood for Monaco.

For me Hollywood is about Glamor, it always has been.  No mediocre looking Anna Paquin por moi, if I have to watch a blond then give me Kelly Carlson, I don't need to watch someone I am confident  I could date if given the opportunity, I want to see beauty that intimidates me.

Hedren was the last of the classic Hitchcock leading ladies and starred in the last of his great films. In The Birds, where she [Hedren] played a wealthy young socialite who travels to a seaside California town in pursuit of a new beau (Rod Taylor), only to find herself among the townspeople being attacked by swarms of seagulls. http://www.gonemovies.com/www/WanadooFilms/Thriller/RearLisa3.jpg 

Hitchcock usually had his blond leading ladies play characters who were "Socialites" Grace Kelly played one in Rear Window.



HBO’s movie The Girl explores Hitchcock’s relationship with Hedren in the context of psycho sexual dimensions where the director was a sexual predator who inflicted emotional stresses on the actress. 

I am not sure I like Sienna Miller in the lead role.  She doesn’t display the onscreen "fullness" that Tippi Hedren possessed.


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