Buh-Bye 2012

Jezebel (Photo credit: freakgirl)
As I prepare bto welco0me in 2013, I have time to reflect upon my success and missteps.

Let’s start with some things that Jezebel thinks were significant 2012:
2012 was the year of...
2012 was also another year of having readers not make donations to this blog.  In all of 2012 I raised exactly $35 Dollars. $25 in Donations and $10 in advertising revenue for all of 2012.
Let’s reflect on why that could be:
So since I also need a new computer, and I can hardly purchase one with $30.oo in earnings, I wondered why I always have visitors on Lesberatti and yet no one helps me to maintain this blog? Could it be that I was too confrontational? Or maybe I didn’t refer to my readers as felines:
hell I don’t know.  And while I am sure that some of you are sniggering: Only $35.00? I can respond with a hearty “Oh Well.” Happy New Year!

Goodbye 2012
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