Run Ashley RUN!

 Will Ashley Judd Run for Senate?
OMG I sure the hell hope so!
Actress Ashley Judd is reportedly considering running for a Senate seat to represent the state of Kentucky. Sources say she is considering running in 2014 against the top Senate Republican, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, or possibly waiting until 2016 to run against Sen. Rand Paul.

Judd has discussed her possible run with Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York and as well as a Democratic pollster. The native Kentuckian has also started conducting research to see where in the state she would have to fight the toughest battle, as defeating McConnell would be a considerable challenge. For Democrats, Judd is an attractive choice to take him on because she could raise a lot of money and is already well known in Kentucky.

"I do receive a lot of encouragement to run," Judd said at an event at the Democratic National Convention. "And my deepest desire is to be useful. I want to help serve my fellow [citizens]. And I may be doing that to the best of my capacity … in the space I'm already operating in. Or it may be time to look at possibly running for office."

The actress could face difficulty in an election because she currently splits her time living in Tennessee and Scotland (her husband's native country), and could be criticized for being out of touch with conservative Kentucky—she's been active on liberal causes like abortion rights and the environment. She has a master's degree from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, but has no experience running for public office, which didn’t stop half term governor Sarah Palin from running for vice president.
Mitch “The B*tch” McConnell is currently serving his fifth term in the Senate, and is an extremely powerful player in Kentucky's Republican politics. His campaign has made it clear that anyone entering the race to challenge him in 2014 will face a very difficult battle.
"It's going to sting," said Jesse Benton, McConnell's campaign manager. "We're going to make sure that you don't come out with your nose clean. We're going to drive your negatives up and very aggressively and publicly litigate your record before the citizens of Kentucky."

Of course the TeaThugnikans will play dirty. Does Ashley have what it takes to counter dirty Republican attacks? She has proven to be solid in the face of personal criticism. She is definitely apprised of issues that affect women. Finally she has comparable education to many politicians [not including some who don’t believe an education in governance is necessary to govern].

Wanna know a Secret?

Okay the first time Obama ran for President, he was up against Hillary Clinton in the primaries. Many of my readers know that I actually voted for Hillary Clinton, but I later voted for Mr. Obama after he won the primaries.

In 2016 Hilary will be 69, yes she's wealthy and therefore the decrepidness of age can be kept at bay and although Ashley Judd has a long way to go before she should possibly run for president, she's only 44. She will be 48 in 2016. Wasn't that the age Barack Obama was when he became POTUS (President of the United States)?

WAIT! Ashley isn't running for President! You say? Stop jumping the gun you say?  Why not? I say!  Sh*t that dimwit closeted misogynist Sarah "I read notes written on my hand" Palin only served 1/2 a term as Governor of Alaska and she ran for Vice President on the Republican ticket with John McCain and she only has a bachelors degree in journalism, while Judd holds a Mid-Career Master in Public Administration degree from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University that she earned in 2010.

Ashley Judd is a Feminist, she is well read, politically astute and I can't believe that I focused on everything but thhe fact that she is beautiful as well. 
I've always had a "crush" on Ashley


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