A Necessary Post – Will Pistorius RUN?


I wasn’t going to post today, as I sat down at my computer to read today’s headlines. See when I heard the crack after my head hit the floor, I could have sworn from the sound that I had split my skull open. Well I’m still alive, but I am pretty banged and bruised.Bi kịch thảm thương của bồ 'Người không chân'

Still when I saw the headline that Oscar Pistorious was granted unrestricted privileges to leave South Africa, I thought: How effin’ stupid is the magistrate.

I cannot be the only person on earth that believes that once Pistorius is able to board a flight out of S.A. that he may go on the lam, to a country where it would be nearly impossible to extradite to face charges concerning Reeva Steenkamp’s murder.

I mean the South Afican Government should stop the charade nd tell Steenkamp’s family that they really have NO intention of locking up Pistorius and intend on granting him every opportunity to go into hiding. I have NEVER heard of anyone being indicted on charges of FIRST Degree murder being allowed to travel globally before their trial. It’s bad enough that the prosecution has mucked things up as much as they have, but this?

A South African judge has eased the bail restrictions on Oscar Pistorius, who murdered his girlfriend, paving the way for the Olympic sprinter to leave the country and compete in competitions or go into hiding.

Judge Bert Bam says the international athlete known as "Blade Runner" must provide authorities with his travel plans at least a week before he leaves the country. He must also return his passport to the court within 24 hours of returning to South Africa.

Yeah sure, like that’s going to happen. Fugitives don’t obey laws, that's why they are Fugitives..

State prosecutor Gerrie Nel told the court Thursday that he plans to serve Pistorius with an indictment on June 4.

No trial date has yet been set...Nor may one ever be set. Are the prosecutor's serious? Do they have a clue? I'm the one with the cranial trauma so why are these idiots acting as they have a head injury?

Justice Postponed?

Murder victim Reeva Steenkamp.


I’ll even go so far as  to predict that there may not be a trial ever. What person, who’s led the life that Pistorius had is going to voluntariy give that up for a future that could possibly take away everything that defines them? Including his prosthetic legs.

Oscar doesn’t ned the money despite his claims, the Pistorius’ are living quite large.
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