Is Smash Tuning Up For A Swan Song?

NBC Announces 'Smash' Saturday Burn-Off, Shuffles 'Go On' and 'The New Normal' Finales & Moves 'Ready for Love' Into Post-Voice Tuesday Slot


Bye, bye Smash! I hope Josh Safran is never hired as a showrunner for any show ever again.

Saturdays are for me usually reserved for cathcing the prefvious week’s reruns of Law and Order SVU and Chicago Fire. Smash is being moved to the weekend doesn’t bode well for the show continuing.

Smash lost my interest in Season 2 and why can be summed up in 2 Words: Kathryn McPhee.

McPhee should never have been cast as the lead in the series or the fake Broadway Musical Bombshell.


Megan Hilty should have been cast as the lead in SMASH


Megan Hilty as Ivy clearly had the superior Broadway trained pipes. Most of season one was spent focusing on the lackluster dynamics between Derek and Catherine and it was not interesting.

Season 2 introduced us to the character of Jimmy a drugged out actor singer composer and Speilberg  et al are still shoving McPhee down our throats like Ilene Chaiken used to force Bette Porter on us. No she wasn’t beautiful or hot and she was an insecure jealous bitch (Jennifer Beals I mean).

So here we have another promising show going by the wayside, much like the Playboy Club and all because writers and producers SUCK.

See Hollywood or the entertainment industry is a closed industry. That means that you are more likely to have you  work stolen, than be offered a legitimate opportunity. This is why I need to know who Lena Dunham sucked to get 2 seasons of Girls produced, when her work is reminiscent of my freshman playwright projects in college.

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