This Is Why He’s One Of The Best Directors Around


Sure Passion is proving to be my favorite Summer Movie of 2013. That’s because DePalma, even when directing a movie that isn’t a Blockbuster like Carrie, Scarface, or Carlito’s Way  still manages to excite the viewers with Hitchcock like twists and turns [particularly the movies: Vertigo and Rear Window, two of my favorites] as evident in the 1984 movie: Body Double, where an actor who suffers from Claustrophobia develops an obsession with spying on his attractive female neighbor, leading to drastic consequences. Body Double has just enoughj cheesiness, eroticism, action, mystery and violence to be a very fun watch….Enjoy!

BODY Double: Full Movie

A very reverent homage to Hitchcock ofAlfred Hitchcock whom DePalma had the greatest respect. But it's a great movie on its own accord.

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