Why I decided NOT to settle on Mars…

As the old adage goes: "I may not know everything, but I know ME!” And I know that as soon as the reverse thrusters complete guiding the craft to a smooth landing that I will  press my face against the portal only to gaze lovingly at the little Blue Marble that I used to call home, before I turn to the commander and demand that I be returned to Earth immediately!

http://www.nasa.gov/images/content/214812main_EarthMoon-browse.jpgThe Earth and Moon as seen from Mars- R U Kidding Me?! No Way!

I don’t know if all of those applications to the  Mars One Project were serious..I know the objective is to populate a permanent settlement on the Planet Mars by 2023..…I know that the people behind the project are very serious and a Nobel Prize inner as well as a former astronaut are involved.
The things that have disuaded me from adding my name to the growing list of venerable Kamikazinauts are:

1. It’s a SUICIDE Mission! No matter how you look at it, once you’re on Mars there’s NO returning to Earth not ever! So if the high levels of radiation doesn’t kill you, the effects of prolonged weightlessness and heartbreak of leavin g your loved ones on Earth will.

2. In the photos listed of 180 applicants, the majority are white male followed by Asian Male, white female, Asian female and 1 guy from Nigeria who with  near certainty will be forced to be the janitor. [Come on yopu know I'm right].

I haven’t watched All of the videos, therefore I do not know what knowledge, skills or abilities each applicant has, but there are ratings on the videos so I’m wondering if the liklihood of being selected is contingent on how high your video is rated. Still I am none to keen to see only one brown applicant. Most of us know something the people who’ve already applied don’t.

What we know is we don’t want this to happen to us:

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