Albert of Monaco’s Children UPDATE

The Royal Crown is usually passed down to the son [with the exception of the Recent change inthe U.K, ruling that if a female child was born to  William and Kate then she would inherit the crown.] 

 This is not applicable in the case of Alexandre Costa, who is Prince Albert's 1st son [Who would have been next in line to rule Monaco upon Albert's Death]. Jazmin, Albert's daughter has the family surname of Grimaldi because she cannot inherit the crown. Albert refuses give his son the Grimaldi surname becase the crown would succeed to him. This ends the lesson on the Insidious Nature of Racism.

As for allegations that Albert fathered a third child out of wedlock while engaged to Charlene, the politician said: “We have proof that this is false.”  Roger said the couple intended to sue L’Express because it “gave credibility to these unfounded rumours by publishing them.”


UPDATE: NOT hours after this article was posted that virtually all reference to this matter has disappeared from the web. Although I got the images from Google., Less than 2 hours later the images could not be found. Same with Wikipedia. Told Ya’ Race still matters.

Was Jazmine Grace Grimaldi the reason as to why the wedding between Prince Albert of Monaco and his fiancé: Former Olympian Catherine Wootstock almost never happened?

Well they did get married July 1, 2011.  However in my first post concerning this couple I alleged that Price Albert had a penchant for black women, stemming backing to his college days at Amherst College. Little did I know how right I was going to be.

Of course Race remains an issue in the United States and many whites will be eager to assume that Prince Albert doesn’t have any black children.

Jazmin and mother Tamara Rotolo

Albert and daughter Jazmin

http://www.indulgedecorblog.com/.a/6a01157204a024970b01347fc33c46970c-320wi http://img279.imageshack.us/img279/1604/alnal6gz.th.jpg
Proud Parents

Prince Albert's daughter Jazmin graduates from school
Just days before her father announced his engagement to long-time love Charlene Wittstock, 18-year-old Jazmin Grace Grimaldi had her own reason to rejoice.
On June 5,
Prince Albert's eldest child graduated from her California high school, participating in the traditional ceremony while her mum, US real estate agent Tamara Rotolo, looked on.
The pretty teenager wore a white gown, complete with ropes and sashes signaling academic honours.
Albert was confirmed as Jazmin's father in 2006, just one year after he revealed he had a young son, Alexandre, with flight attendant Nicole Coste.

Prince Albert and Nicole Valérie Coste (neé Tossoukpé) during their seven year affair (Courtesy: Lulalulera's World)

Albert acknowledged his children, but you saw what happened when it was rumored that Diana was pregnant by Dodi Fayed, a person of color. It was rumored that the Royals were  afraid of such an occurrence. A child of color heir to the Royal Family’s riches?
http://www.whitehotmagazine.com/UserFiles/image/Lee_Johnson/170_Di_Dodi_Baby.jpgWhat would have happened to the Royal family if the following scenario were real?
Diana, Dodi and child. What might have been.

This is what happens: You don’t fuck with the Queen:
Shit posting this article I fear her.

Back to Prince Albert:

On 31 May 2006, after stone walling the truth for years, DNA test results confirmed the child's parentage, Prince Albert admitted, in a statement from his lawyer, that he is Jasmin's father. He also extended an invitation for the girl to study and live in Monaco.
Jazmin Grace Grimaldi today
Jazmin Grace Grimaldi is the eldest natural child of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco. She was born on March 4, 1992 in Palm Springs, California to her mother Tamara Rotolo
BUT Wait! There’s more!

The straw that almost broke Catherine Wittstock’s back.
Albert just loves to fuck and have babies by women of color, yet these women don’t seem worthy of marriage.  That is exclusively reserved for blond white women it seems. Apparently Albert likes his chocolate “Dark.”
Baby Mama #2: Nicole Coste and son Alex (Prince Albert s love child).

Scandal: Ms Coste, 39, a former Air France air hostess, is pictured with her son Alexandre in 2005. A DNA test proved he was Prince Albert's son

Why am I like the last person on earth to report this? Well, I haven’t been thinking about Albert until I read that his wedding was almost called off. Then I remembered a friend of mine attended college with him and told me how much Albert loves the sistahs.
In May 2005, Nicole Coste, a former Air France flight attendant from Togo, claimed that her youngest son, whom she calls Alexandre Éric Stéphane Coste, is Prince Albert's son, proven by DNA tests conducted by Swiss technicians working on orders from the Monegasque government. On 6 July 2005, six days before he was enthroned on 12 July, Albert officially confirmed his paternity of the child, via a statement released by his lawyer Thierry Lacoste.
MMmmm HMmmmmm, You KNOW that Catherine wasn’t thrilled at being the step mother to two black children, I mean she grew up in South Africa for goodness sake. Not all South Africans are racist, but you know its history.

Monaco’s (and Europe’s) First Black Prince?

Posted by Anthony L. Hall

HSH Prince Albert II, the absolute ruler of the Monegasque Royal Family of Monaco, is as confirmed a skirt-chasing bachelor as Warren Beatty was until – at the (evidently still virile) age of 55 – he was domesticated by Annette Benning. (Now, instead of skirts, he’s chasing 4 kids….) Unlike Beatty, however, it seems Prince Albert was not too concerned about planting his seed in whomever he laid.

But an intriguing feature of the Prince’s sexual predilections is the jungle fever that has driven him on occasion to seek pleasure in the ample bosom of Nubian commoners.

And thus, consummating the inevitable synergy of his carelessness and fate, it was revealed last week that Prince Albert has sired a son who, alas, is illegitimate in more ways than one: Born out-of-wedlock and also black!

Prince Albert’s mistress with their love child: But a suitable Prince?

The proud Mummy is Nicole Coste. She’s a former flight attendant from the African country of Togo. And she rejects, with justified indignation, any notion that she’s just a fly-by-night tryster who caught an unsuspecting Prince in a baby trap.

Indeed, Ms Coste seems to have given the Prince such royal satisfaction during his exotic booty calls that, after just a few assignations in 1997, he offered her a more suitable job as his mistress and provided her with commensurate accoutrements – including an elegant Parisian pied-à-terre – befitting her new station in life.

It redounds to her dubious honour, therefore, that she endured 6 years of service to the Prince before (lo and behold) God blessed her with child. And really, all things considered, could it have happened to a more deserving damsel in distress and her promiscuous Prince?

But like all mistresses, Ms Coste craves legitimacy and her son Alexandre gives her a legitimate claim. After all, it’s been almost 2 years since his birth and Prince Albert persists in treating their son (his presumed heir ) like a dark (and shameful) secret. And, under these circumstances, no one can deny that anything she can do to honour her son would be entirely warranted. Because where she had no reason to suspect that Prince Albert would ever make an honourable woman of her, she has just cause to demand that he honours their son’s birthright.

Unfortunately, the Prince seems determined to treat his only son as merely a financial obligation. Indeed, in response to last week’s revelation, Prince Albert announced that he shall erase all doubts about the line of succession in his Principality by anointing Prince Andrea, the eldest son of his sister Caroline, as his rightful heir.

Princess Caroline’s son: A suitable Prince…naturally

Given Prince Albert’s sovereign immunity, there seems little or nothing Ms Coste can do to compel him to recognize Alexandre – beyond providing common law child support which he has apparently consented to on rather generous terms.

But the unpardonable slight of his son can only come back to haunt Prince Albert in years to come. Indeed, some of the foreseeable issues include:

What kind of relationship does Prince Albert intend to have with his son? Clearly mere financial support does not a father make. And, does he really want to be known to the world as a man who would treat his own flesh and blood as nothing more than a financial obligation?

What will he say when Alexandre confronts him with the inevitable and indispensable question of race: Daddy, would you have banished and disinherited me if I were white?

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