Lesberatti’s Muvies2 Page is not a resource where you can find a new movie every week.  I’m creating a space for movies that I consider the New Classics and since I enjoy movies with strong female leads, I created a page for them.  Consider the Movie Page a place to go and watch or re-watch movies that to me are “Classics”
If there is a movie that I feel my readers will enjoy, but it isn’t worthy of permanent placement on the “Muvies2” page then I will temporarily place the movie poster in the right sidebar, where you can click the movie to go to the movie site.  If a movie is permanently going to be on the “Muvies2” Page, it the movie’s poster will be placed on the homepage and it will also be on the Muvies2 Page.

This is DEFINITELY going into the Vault when it’s released:

A black ops super soldier seeks payback after she is betrayed and set up during a mission.



Stars GINA "CONVICTION" CARANO: American model, actress, and mixed martial arts imagefighter. Carano appeared as the Gladiator "Crush" on American Gladiators. She has been referred to as the "Face of Women's MMA." 
image This movie is from Director Steven Soderbergh who is the Director/Screenwriter that influence my wanting to  being a writer also and is responsible for elevating Actress Sasha Grey from porn Star to “Legitimate” Hollywood actress in the movie: The Girlfriend Experience which he wrote.
Since Soderbergh is not credited as the writer of Haywire I am not certain that it will have measured and even approach that are the Trademark of a Soderbergh Film, nonetheless it looks exciting.


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