For Five Looong Weeks….

I watched Mistresses in anticipation of the long await shower scene between Alex and Jocelyn. Granted I knew not to expect any interaction between the two women to be explicit, because the show is on network television.

Well as you see for yourself the show did not disappoint by showing a same sex love scene that has gone farther than any other show on network television with gay or lesbian characters. Apologies for the unwanted pixilation in the video and other anachronisms.

 Hey! Do you remember Caitlin and Alicia  from Cashmere Mafia? Remember Darren Starr the cowardly creator of that show with his lies of what viewers could expect from the two as their romance progressed?

Remember how the now retired Editor in Chief of AfterEllen Sarah Warn claimed to have the “inside track” with Starr and weekly would give fans of the show BS about the Duo, until I personally wrote to her and explained how what she was promoting were nothing more than blatant LIES concerning the two women [that Caitlin and Alicia were going to move beyond just kissing in the street] because the teleplay pointed to the storyarc being eliminated, which it inevitably was along with the show being cancelled. Do you remember the apology Warn wrote? Pfft

Now I have written it many time before that the online lesbian community seems very segregated, characters of color seem to ALWAYS be voted down in online polls, so naturally being a woman of color , Alicia was not widely anticipated to continue in this affair. So what happened to Caitlin and Alicia? Darren Starr decided to kill the story starting with this:

Now we have Jocelyn safely partnered with a white woman, [Shannyn Sossamon] except tht this couple is doomed to fail. The series is called mistresses and that means that Alex is either going back to her ex or maybe take a Mistress and….Aw who the hell  knows what’s going to happen! Rest assured that Jocelyn will returned to the unenlightened  Penis.

Well Alex baby {Shannyn] You’re Still the Hottie and I am available.


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