Lost Hope

As expected Hope Solo was eliminated from Tuesday’s episode of ABC Dancing With The Stars.

Here’s something that I found HIGHLY suspicious.
I never vote on these reality competitions.  After last year’s Debacle where the #1 Ballroom Dancer in the World was eliminated in the 2nd episode of So You Think You Can Dance on FOX after 2 episodes.
However after watching Hope Solo being unfairly criticized week after week.  After watching her being made fun of because she was not perceived as feminine, I decided to vote Monday evening.

Now voting is supposed to last for 2 hours after the show ends. That would mean that since the show ended at 10PM. voting should last until12AM. I made 2 calls. The first call was made at 10:15 because the phone lines for Hope and Max were busy for 15 minutes. 

At 11:20 PM I decided to make a second call in order to give this couple another vote, but instead of hearing the message: Thanks for voting for Hope and Max I heard this:

"Thank you for calling Dancing With The Stars, Voting is now closed in your time zone." 

Voting was closed in my time zone? My time zone is Eastern Standard Time and the 11 O'clock news was still on!
This clearly was done to insure that Hope Solo received an insufficient number of votes as fan voting could have saved her.
Solo and Chmerkovskiy have made waves on the show, and not just for their dancing. Following an unflattering critique of his partner earlier in the season, Chmerkovskiy was roundly criticized for suggesting that popular head judge Len Goodman “get out” of the business.
Useless “No Longer a Dancer” Judge Carrie Ann Inaba reprimanded Chmerkovskiy for the remark, and also seemed poised to chide him again last night, when, during her critique of Solo’s performance, she spotted what she may have thought was a sarcastic smile.
“You can smile like that Maks, it’s fine,” Inaba said. Chmerkovskiy seemed taken aback, but replied: “It has nothing to do with me.” Good for him.
This Is Important So Read Carefully
Now while certain lesbian websites and blogs strive to “Heterosexualize” Lesbian culture, some of us are educated enough to be able to ring the warning bell. 
I get into arguments with individuals that are too young to understand that cultural changes take generations to occur.  Even the changes that allow marriage equality took generations and it needs to be taken into context that marriage equality is a part of the homosexual movement as a whole and has being going on for at least 100 years.
Therefore lesbian websites that attempt to redefine lesbians as “Women who sleep with, marry and have children with men,” are either in collusion with the patriarchal aspects of of the dominant (patriarchal) hegemony. Or are utterly clueless in general [Not entirely inconceivable].
I don’t know Solo’s orientation but the fact remains each time Hope presented herself as strong and capable she was denigrated for not allowing her feminine side to come through, for not being graceful etc.
It’s good to have a feminist perspective so you can see the Big Picture:
American Society for all of its technological development is still mired in the stone age when it concerns sexuality. There is some room for transgender individuals, if one is more or less convincing (Meaning a trans-man who has worked to define his upper body. Or a trans-woman who embraces her femininity). However gender roles remain relatively rigid.
Thankfully I am old enough to clearly know that merely because a “Millennial” wants to redefine reality either through subtext , lies, or daydreams it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen.
Maybe this is why the only awards Chaz Bono seems to be receiving are from G.L.A.A.D for doing absolutely NOTHING! Then again that organizations lips are permanently sutured to Hollywood’s arse. Consider it SUBTEXT on a Grand Scale, pretending that whatever bono has done is somehow salient. 


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