I LOVE This Movie

Alles Wird Gut (Everything Will Be Fine).

It’s really a very cute romantic comedy from 1998, directed by Angela Maccarone and starring Chantal de Freitas and Kati Studemann.
de Freitas plays “Kim” and advertising executive and Studemann is Nabou who was recently dumped by her blue hair, punk rocker girlfriend “Katja”. Nabou wants to reconcile and takes a job in Katja’s building as a maid for Kim. 

This working arrangement blossoms into a mutual attraction that is threatened because Kim’s boyfriend wants to marry her and Katja realizes she wants Nabou back. Not available in English (My copy doesn’t even have subtitles, thank the goddess Ich Spreche Deustch [Sp].

The film also explores the difficulty of: “Living In A Fishbowl,” a phenomenon experienced by many “Afro” Germans (Living where one is perceived as a foreigner in a country they were born in).  This is evident when Nabou is grocery shopping and the Deli clerk tells her that “She Speaks Good German.”  Or when Nabou is working at a newsstand and a German woman asks for a popular candy treat: A “N*gger Kiss.”

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard that myself.


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