15 Years and counting….

image When I have an  online or media Celebrity crush it’s a Long Term (Albeit One Sided) Relationships. 

Granted, I've never been a fanatic.  I don't collect photos and Idolize them, I don't stalk and I definitely don't contact. I appreciate talent and Beauty.  For instance I was a fan of Gloria Estefan for years and have only stopped following her music a couple of years ago. Helena Christensen is proof that it only gets better in your 40s.

In 1996 I first saw Helena Christensen  in the Chris Isaak music video "Wicked Game", and I've image never forgotten the Green Eyed beauty, despite not having followed her modeling career very much.

Still, I've never lost my "Crush on Christensen, " No Fly by night short term 2 Day “Crushes” for me. Once it works for me I‘m hooked. What can I say? Everyone has a “Type”.

Ahh If Only I Could..If Only She Would:


HELENA Christiansen for Caractère

The perfect Blend: Danish and Peruvian.

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