Getting Rid Of The Umbrella


I am A Lesbian, I am NOT “a” Queer, I am NOT questioning and I gotta’ tell ya that I don’t like my identity being diminished as if it’s part of this larger Les/Bi/Queer/Questioning? thing.image

I don’t say: “Hi!, I’m Les/Bi/Queer/Questioning, wanna dance? Seriously? What a crock of BULLSHIT.

It’s difficult enough to embrace one’s identity as a “suspect” class [It’s a legal term look it up, it concerns discrimination] or as a sexual minority, I’ll be damned if the identity I have been proud of for years is going to be hijacked watered down by a group of lazy asses who refuse to do the work in establishing their own "identity."

There is NOTHING Queer about me, I am educated, articulate, politically astute. I have worked hard to gain recognition and respect as a lesbian. I embrace and am knowledgeable of the lesbian movement throughout history and it’s offensive to me when I see others attempting to negate my hard work in an effort to usurp my gains and take them for themselves.

Am I a lesbian separatist? In so much that I will shake stragglers alooose from my coat tails, then the answer is: Yes.

Look if the new groups of younger lesbians can’t accept that they are indeed homosexual and need to water down their lesbian identity by polluting it with claims of new sexual orientations, well that is their prerogative. However in the real and offline world, that shit doesn’t fly far as THEY WILL SOON FIND OUT.

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