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In a re-post from 12.12.2011 that appears below, I wrote how the writers and producers of a certain Crime drama are intentionally misleading American Dullards into believing that one day the main characters will “one-day” consummate their long standing non existent lesbian attraction to each other.

The characters' closeness has prompted much speculation (and a drinking game) about their sexuality. The show's makers say it isn't a lesbian relationship, but will anyone believe them?

July 03, 2011|By T.L. Stanley, Special to the Los Angeles Times
The first season of TNT's crime drama "Rizzoli & Isles" featured an episode with the title "I Kissed a Girl." Its stars, Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander, played on a softball team, shared some intimate dinners, drank wine over candlelight and hopped into the same bed for girl talk.
Series creator Janet Tamaro described Harmon's Rizzoli and Alexander's Isles as a "power couple" — the center of a buddy drama, one that broke cable ratings records in its debut run and returns for its second season July 11. But the women are not together, as in together.
This is not a gay show. 

Even this dumb beast knows:


Today I am alerted that another blog is giving a response intended to give the opposite impression of my all too true assertion. Yawn..this is getting so damn redundant I am get the sinking feeling that someone may want to intentionally cause conflict. I am older than most of the fans of that show. I haven’t seen my teens or 20’s in DECADES, I’ve been an out Lesbian for DECADES. I KNOW what constitutes Homosexual behavior and what doesn’t. 

The REAL Deal:

Women touch each other, we kiss each other but the intensity of such behavior determines the degree on sexuality intended. Look if a woman is heterosexual it image doesn’t mean that she will never touch another woman, it doesn’t mean she will never kiss another woman, what it does mean is that she is: HUMAN. 

When I was a lot younger and living in my very 1st apartment, my neighbor Celeste and I developed a friendship. I was extremely closeted at the time and she did not display any indications that I could interpret as her being a lesbian.

Over time she and I became relatively close friends, one day she asked me to follow her into her bathroom and she proceeded to disrobe and show me something in an intimate place on her body. She was concerned because she felt that it was a medical anomaly. When she asked me to follow her and when she disrobed, I did not know what her intentions were until she TOLD me. I didn’t assume anything about her, nor did I project the fact that I’m a lesbian onto her.
Men and women have intimate heterosexual relationship ALL of the time.
I looked at her body because she was concerned. Does this mean that she was coming onto me? I didn’t interpret her behavior as meaning that she is a lesbian, I interpreted it as meaning she was concerned about her health.
Back in the day I knew Wendy, she was really hot! So hot in fact I wouldn’t go to modeling agencies with her because I didn’t want the competition from such a close friend. It would have been like me going to an agency with Gia Carangi and wondering why I wasn’t chosen.
One day when Wendy was at my studio apartment, she started changing clothes in front of me. I thank the Goddess she didn’t ask me to inspect anything like my other friend did, because her breasts were SPECTACULAR! Did her behavior mean she was attracted to me in a Homosexual manner? NO. This is the behavior of women.
You remember The L Word, you saw Dana’s reaction when a woman she was attracted to undressed in front of her, Dana turned away and averted her eyes. That is what real lesbians do. Dana did not then proceed to touch the other women in an effort to surreptitiously “Feel Her Boob.”
So why pretend otherwise?

image On comedy television shows they regularly make a joke of a guy who shows another guy his penis because he is concerned that something is wrong, the other guy usually feigns homophobia lest he be viewed as gay.

 Most males shy away from looking at another guy’s intimate areas , because of social taboos. 

The two actors that the world is imagining are lesbians are ADULTS who are playing adult characters, and while they may resort in appropriate touching, emotionally mature adults aren't misled. 

Adults don’t have to engage in mind reading or subliminal clues, therefore if you feel you have to feign putting a name tag on someone just to feel her breast, then I worry about you and would hate to meet you. It’s almost as if viewers of today’s television programs think that TV never existed before their birth. Jane and Maura’s characters have appeared for years on television and in the movies, and with the same results: Proclamation that They’re Gay, Fan Fiction and later on Music videos.

More importantly adults shouldn’t lead younger and lesser-educated adults to misinterpret benign human interaction as anything other than that. Don’t we want younger generations to lead emotionally healthier and happier lives than we did, even if we grew up well adjusted?

In the internet age there are generations being born that will never no a life without social media

I really don’t hold out much hope for veracity in entertainment journalism, in fact I doubt that some of the lesbian sites are really truly lesbian sites period. Probably a bunch of D*cks writing what they think lesbians want to read.
Maybe these sites are intent on misleading children out of fear that by being truthful the religious right will indict them for possessing a Homosexual “Agenda.”


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