Lesberatti’s Best Films of 2011

I choose Films that are not about 15 year olds coming of age with their 1st "Girl" crush. I came of age many moons ago and frankly I wish everyone on the internet would mature a few years already, seriously come on now.
While I hate the list of "The Best Of" for the most part there is one exception: Movies. Here is my list of movies that I particularly enjoyed in 2011.

7. Sarah - An Independent offering that is currently playing on YouTube with a longer version available as a digital download from www. Saratthefilm.com
The Movie features Vogue model and real life lesbian Jessica Clark [Of the upcoming: A Perfect Ending] as "Lexus"an MBA student who meets and falls for Sarah [Julissa Burmudez] an HIV infected former escort. I like this film because it reflects intelligence compassion and empathy.
6. The King's Speech
Colin Firth as a George VI striving to overcome a nervous stammer which threatens his ability to pull the British people together after brother Edward swaps sovereignty for Mrs Simpson and Hitler begins the march across Europe. His hiring of an Australian speech therapist, Lionel Logue (played by Geoffrey Rush), turns this personal battle into an absorbing and quietly moving story of friendship.
5. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
Tom Cruise leads the IMF Team on another high flying death defying adventure of Global proportions helped by cast members Paula Patton and Jeremy Renner. Not the most intellectual of cinematic endeavors but certainly one of the most fun...Besides I got mad respect for artists that REALLY perform their own stunts.

4. Elena Undone
First of all Mad Props go to beautiful and sultry Necar Zadegan, an Iranian actress for doing a lesbian love scene and Tracie Dinwiddie for elevating the concept of "Futch" to New Heights. Any shortcomings in the script are easily overlooked by the magnetism between these two actors.
3. Viola di Mare
Sea Purple makes the list not because it IS a another lesbian film and even though it doesn't surpass Room in Room because I have had my fill of watching sexual stratification on the screen, the movie is still worth watching because overall it is emotionally moving and it is so beautifully filmed: Almost like a painting on celluloid.
2, Room In Rome
Alba (Elena Anaya) seduces a stranger (Natasha,played by Natasha Yarovenko) in a provokingly sexual manner while evoking allusions to artistic and literary masterpieces that envelope the hotel room they inhabit.
I can't sing the praises of this movie enough, it is one of my all time favorites. But be forewarned this is a cerebral character study and NOT intended to be viewed by those who are unable conceptualize or fully grasp the metaphorical significance of the literary allusions in the movie.
See some of the less inclined have referred to Room In Rome as a "Hot Mess", not so much because it was a bad movie but because they are....How Do You Say.?...Not Very Intelligent. Yes I'm: Talking To You Ms 'Hot Mess" Reviewer.
1. The Artist - The amazing film about a woman's rise to stardom during the fall of her Icon. Yes the movie is really about him but Berenice Bejo makes it her own with her loving performance as the sparkly and effervescent Peppy Miller. No there is no heterosexual sex act, no unwarranted violence either, just good clean movie going fun featuring Uggie the movie's wonder dog.
Of all of the things that modern movies make me dislike: Gratuitous Sex, Gratuitous violence, Dialogue that lacks emotional depth, I can say that with the exception of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (Violence) and Viola di Mar (violence against women and sexual stratification) that my year's best films have one thing in common: Strong Female leads and sex that was integral to the movie's storyline, not just for the sake of showing "Boobs." That is what I look for in movies.


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