That's Right I Said It: A C*ck Worshiping Lesbian Website Heads into 2012 with Full On Racism!

And if you're offended well like Teabaggers, I also invoke my right to freedom of self expression and besides I was offended when I read this skewed article. Leave it to the junior members of the Ku Klux Klan that make up 98% of After Ellen’s readership to proudly wave their flag of Racism in the latest:

After Ellen.com's

Shag, Marry or Dump: The Human Beings of "Community"




Annie Edison

image image image

It’s safe to assume that I don’t like giving this ass-wipe of a so called (No Longer) Lesbian website publicity, but then I am slapped in the face with its unrelenting Bullsh*t.

In the latest Poll to appear on After Ellen our unwitting contestants consist of:...

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Britta Perry, Annie Edison, and Shirley Bennett? [No seriously why did they pout a question mark newxt to Shirley Bennett’s name? Well Bennet IS the ONLY person of color in the poll.

It’s not like the show Community has a bevy of female cast members.
The Results:

Shag -
Brita Perry 54%
Annie Edison   42%
Shirley Bennett 5%

Brita Perry 48%
Annie Edison   44%
Shirley Bennett  9%

Brita Perry 8%
Annie Edison 10%
Shirley Bennett 82%

They’re joking right? Those slag editors and contributors once again acheive the grand title of “What A Group of DUMB B*tches!”  Sheesh do NONE of them THINK?

There are so many Sociological implications in this poll ranging from: Western Ideation of Beauty, to Invidious Comparison and the inherent Social Stratification that led to these results in the first place, none of which were mitigated by that dimwit putting a “?” after Bennett’s name BEFORE the reader even takes the poll as if to subliminally suggest that Bennett’s beauty is questionable.

I am not sweet on Shirley Bennett, but I’ll be damned if I will ignore the fact that she received a score of 82% to be dumped when Annie Edison is no more attractive and was spared only because she is Caucasian. I don’t consider ANY of the 3 Beautiful, I mean NOT like  Charlize Theron beauty, or Waris Diri Beautiful and that’s how I gauge my: “Shag, Marry, or Dump.”

I  really believe that After Ellen should add this to its masthead:


Let the cries of: They’re Coming After Us With Pitchforks! Begin [As if it's not bad enough that they are also trying to convince readers that women who sleep with men are Lesbians too].


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