Let Me SEE…….

From: TechGyrl’s Blog posted 11.03.2011
I LOVE this thing, it’s SSOO CUTE!

Q.bo Robot Looks In The Mirror, Recognizes Itself.

qbo robot

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? Well it’s NOT Julia Roberts or Charlize Theron, it’s Q.bo who didn’t say that as it rolled up to a mirror and looked at its reflection, but it does say “Oh. This is me. Nice.” I guess Q.bo likes what it sees.

Q.bo is an open-source robot with two cameras that give it stereoscopic vision and it is also programmed with facial and object recognition software. It can recognize objects by keying in on unique features from the images captured by those cameras and storing them in its database. A human helper prompts Qbo with questions and also gives him object names. When it sees itself, that image is stored as a special object along with some lines of dialogue that help give the robot its unique personality. Qbo does have a winning personality that is a little disconcerting. I’m not sure what it is, but it is captivating to watch.
Only a matter of time before robots Self Realize and the Rise Of The Machines occurs, just don’t Terminate Q.bo, something this cute must go on.


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