The Look – A Lesson In Race

Here’s the thing. Biracial and Mixed Race individuals regardless of ethnic content take image great pride in the concept of “Identity.”

For Instance model  Helena Christensen is a Peruvian/Dutch mix. Yet when someone says they are “Biracial” it is automatically assumed that it’s a Black/White Pairing Therefore this posting will focus on such.

when African Americans look for representation of their-self in the media, well it’s the same for us as Biracial individuals. We also look for representations of ourselves in the media. 

This is why it’s particularly unnerving when the multiplicity of our racial and ethnic identity are more or less diminished by groups who consider having a modicum of African Blood making a person solely "black."

This is an out-dated Jeffersonian way of thinking and was intended to maintain an archaic social structure that established by slavery. A structure that bestowed rights and privileges upon those who were thought to be of Caucasian descent.

Even worse is the fact that race continues to play a factor within communities of color.  I have seen Hispanics deal with the issue of race [Despite language being the factor that joins them] a racial hierarchy still exists, I have seen Asian women who will exclusively only date Caucasian women.

I have witnessed dark complected African American women who would not date other African American women, regardless of how "light" they were.
1920 and 30’s Actress Freddie Washington had the Original “Christy Turlington” thing goin’ on.

As I have written previously, I’ve been asked multiple times: "What Are You?”
Let's not even get into the bullsh*t that a lot of us experience in the African American Community with being called: "Bright," "Red Bone," "High Yella," or "Uppity" or otherwise have individuals genuinely attempting to make us feel bad feel bad because of who we are, I mean Seriously?

At the same time I personally have been expected to deny the white half of my identity by the African American community, all while being f*cked over by the white community as well. There's no denying that in my teens that's the way it was.

Of course now that I'm an adult, I am no longer beholden to wanting acceptance from any particular social group.

Thankfully I am not currently an actress, albeit I do have connections (small time). As race is still a driving force in Hollywood:

In Hollywood Race remains such an issue that filmmakers who are of color often find that they are locked into creating a product that heavily leans on racial stereotypes.

Actors often hide their racial identity, how? Well  for men it’s achieved by removing the a quality that readily defines one’s race. For example for years it has been speculated that actors Vin Diesel image and Wentworth Miller are biracial and that’s why they keep their heads shaved. image 

It is assumed that the quality of their hair would identify them.  Of course that way of thinking is also racist.

If a woman is fair complected in Hollywood she just plain lies, like Hollywood legend
Carole Channing, who only recently admitted that her father is biracial of African Decent and she is in her 70’s or more if she is even still alive.  In fact Channing admitted that she never had children out of fear that one would be darker and expose her racial background.


“According to Channing's memoirs, when she left home to attend Bennington College in Vermont, her mother informed her that her father, a journalist who Carol had believed was born in Rhode Island, had in fact been born in Augusta, Georgia, to a German-American father and an African-American mother. According to Channing's account, her mother reportedly did not want [Channing] to be surprised "if she had a black baby". Channing kept this a secret to avoid any problems on Broadway and in Hollywood, ultimately revealing it only in her autobiography, Just Lucky I Guess, published in 2002.”
Here’s the thing, when I was a child my mother knew about Channing's racial identity. I mean how the hell did she know? It wasn’t like we were in the industry or related to Channing, nor were we Southerners. But it seems that a lot of people knew. So I don’t know why Channing hid it, things may have been a lot different a lo sooner.

This is absolutely tragic and shows the impact that racial perception still has in the U.S. Not that much progress has occurred despite the election of Barack Obama as President. You've seen the photos denigrating him as a Monkey.

Biracial, Multi-Racial people are no longer content with accepting “White” America defining our identity and we are done with "Black" America telling us: "Emm You KNOW you’re Black,’ only to then tell us how NOT “Black” we are because of our racial makeup.


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