Maybe It’s For The Better……

Chaz Bono Splits From Fiancé

Chaz Bono has split from longtime girlfriend Jennifer Elia, ending their engagement, according to TMZ.
"They leave this relationship with great love, respect and affection toward one another," Howard Bragman, Bono's spokesperson, tells the website. "No further amplification will be forthcoming and they ask that you respect their privacy at this time."
The relationship between the two was chronicled in the documentary Becoming Chaz and its sequel Being Chaz, which showed Bono proposing to Elia. 

The couple had been together since a blind date in 2005, years before Bono transitioned to male. "Chaz and I interacted with a male-female dynamic from the very beginning," Elia told The Advocate last June. "There were definite changes beyond just feeling a male essence after he transitioned."
Has Chaz fully transitioned? It really isn’t enough to say you’re male, just ask males. They place a lot of value on their penises. A paralyzed guy with a non-functioning d*ck is accepted more readily as a male than a trans guy. Just being real.  That's why trans guys don't put their sh*t in the media to look for acceptance. Chaz Bono is delusional and GLAAD ain't helping the matter by sucking up to him and giving him awards for doing NOTHING.

Face it Chaz Bono is a fucked up individual, plain  and simple.  Not because he wants to be male either, but because of his emotionally abusive nature towards his ex. Elia tolerated onscreen verbal abuse from this dill-weed and like a true battered woman, she made excuses for his emotionally abusive behavior.

Nonetheless Jannifer Elia probably should be thanking the goddess that it’s over, clearly Chaz thinks his half completed sex change really did something for the transsexual community.  Sad part is that he probably receive an award for this bullsh*t as well.


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