Obama’s Family Portrait 2011 + Michelle Obama in Rachel Roy

Newt Gingrich says that unlike Bill Clinton, President Barack Obama has failed to unite TeaPunknicans and Democrats, however Newt fails to add that this Ku Klux Klan of a Congress would NEVER abide to requests that  a man of color makes.  Hell you’ve seen what they’ve done to one of their own: Herman Cain.  Just a bunch of red-necked backwoods racists supported by like minded slow witted dullards. If he gets re-elected it will be because intelligent people realize that he truly is the lesser of Two Evils.  He’s NOT Evil at all, sh*t he doesn’t even have the balls to b*tch slap the Repugnicans into compliance.  Every few months they threaten a Government Shutdown, really? And he is unable to go Urban on their Punk Asses? Maybe I should run for Prez, we need an angry Dyke as Commander in Chief!

The First Family 2011

Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Sasha and Malia Obama pose for the 2011 family portrait photographed by White House photographer Pete Souza.  Below Michelle Obama is wearing a Rachel Roy rose and tweed dress and jacket by Azzedine Alaïa at Fort Bragg yesterday.  Malia is wearing an Osier Dress from Anthropologie and Michelle is wearing  Byron Lars above.




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