Scene: The Screen Dance

Actually I am less infatuated with Berenice Bejo as I am MORE infatuated with the character she plays: Peppy Miller. I mean if I am going to have an imaginary girlfriend I want one as positive and ebullient as Peppy Miller! Life is hard enough, who wouldn’t want this ray of sunshine.

It’s that aura of innocence, not burdened by the stresses of modern day life, nor does Peppy seem jaded.

I remember when I was younger, I would turn to PBS on the old analog television only to have the sh*t scared outta me by a silent movie like Nosferatu [Are you kidding me?]

In this scene silent film star George Valentin [Jean Dujardin] spots someone practicing dance steps half covered by a screen. He starts to dance mimicking the other dancer before he instructs the stagehands to remove the screen where he sees it’s Peppy [Bejo] he was dancing with.


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