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According to Google my Blogs Keep Disappearing because I am not using Picasa or another Google approved photo hosting site. Before Blogger was consumed by Google in a feeding frenzy, I never had issues with disappearing posts and not using a non Google approved photo hosting site. So I am reposting a blog that originally APPEARED: 12.12.2011
I have a few: For example I watch Rizzoli and Isles, sometimes I watch Glee online. There I’ve said it. Oh I am not so self righteous as not to indulge myself. Yet in an attempt to maintain veracity in the content of my character I won’t blatantly promote actresses who work against my best interests.
Yes Really

Sure Angie Harmon says she loves Lesbians and Gays, but then she steadfastly votes for politicians that base their entire careers on promoting hate and intolerance, that’s where I draw the line. I know the general age range of many people online, and I also know that while many of them strive to be glib and smart assed, well they are nothing more than impudent little children in my book. So no I won’t add to the ongoing confusion by making Jane and Maura music videos, or writing Jane and Maura fan fiction.

See they’re not playing lesbian characters, so they will never get it on…EVER. No matter how many events they attend together, no matter how many times Maura pretends to be Jane's "Life Partner" [usually done in a ruse to mislead some obnoxious dude], nothing will ever happen. Their respective heterosexual love "interests" will be safely kept continents away to allow writers to pander to young males and feeble minded "Baby Dykes."

Sure there are other straight actresses who pretend to be lesbian on shows like The L Word, the difference is: They are playing LESBIAN! I don't have to expend energy by actually conjuring up a non existent scenario. TV is supposed to be "mindless entertainment" a guilty pleasure. Not something where I have to do the work. Television rarely gives us what we want, why do you think it has such a bad rep?!

I am not interested in watching straight girls do what they believe lesbians do, unless they are playing lesbians and I am also not into pretending something exists, where it doesn’t. I watch R&I because I am a fan of crime shows, not because of a non existent romance between Jane and Maura.

I try to put out of my mind that so many younger lesbians are foaming at the mouth over these two characters and imagine that they are lovers…In fact one even wrote to me, angry at my criticism of Harmon “saying” that even if Angie Harmon votes exclusively Republican it doesn’t means she against Lesbian and Gay rights. WTF? It’s times like those where it’s not even worth trying to reason with an individual.


I sporadically watch GLEE, not a fan of bullying bitches who cry foul when “outed” only to resume their bullying bitchin’ ways in the next episode. There, DONE. For me the big difference between GLEE and SMASH will be that despite the main characters on Smash being of similar age to those on Glee, The leads in SMASH will be playing adults not high schoolers and as "Flo-Diggity" from Florence and the Machine said: “Time To Grow Up.”

THIS Is What I’m Waiting For:

The Producer’s are keeping this show tightly under wraps This is only one of two significant trailers. SMASH will be airing Monday’s on NBC. If it comes to watching someone dressed in a similar outfit weekly. I prefer Megan Hilty dressed as Marilyn Monroe, than an Evil Cheerleader.

Megan Hilty:


Megan is an American stage and television actress.In 2004, Megan graduated from the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama. Shortly before graduating, Hilty auditioned for the hit musical "Wicked" and was cast as the standby for Glinda. Megan took over as the lead for Glinda on May 31, 2005 and remained until 2006. She reprised the role various times until 2009. Megan can also be heard as the singing voice of Snow White in the animated feature "Shrek the Third.".

Megan Hilty - "Home"

Meesing Who doesn't love Beautiful Debra Messing? I’ve been waiting for her to appear on TV since “The Starter Wife” wasn’t picked up.

Maybe this time those controlling Mormons won’t start another bullshit letter writing campaign like they did against The Playboy Club or their latest victim: TLCs An American “Muslim” Family. I try not to be intolerant, but having engaged in a lesbian relationship with an active member of the Mormon church years ago, I am completely sick of the hypocrisy. If I were as EVIL AS THEY ARE, i WOULD OUT HER.


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