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HOW Cute Is Berenice Bejo? With Those Sweet Freckles and despite the fairness of her complexion, it is evident that Bejo is of color. She has that Christy Turlington "Ambiguous-Race" thing going on:

Bi-racial ,model Christy Turlington: See What I Mean? I am also mixed race, I can most definitely tell when others are also mixed race.
Turlington Bejo
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I don’t know exactly what her racial make-up is.  Bejo was born in Argentina. Argentine [a.k.a Argentinean] is an ethnicity and not a race. Her father is Argentine, the ethnicity of her mother? Some say French, again French is an ethnicity and not a racial designation.
Berenice Bejo is definitely of color as you can see from her appearance in the short film: Adam’s Apple. Bejo plays a subway rider.


Berenice Bejo Award Nominee:

Award Nominations:
  • 2001
Most Promising Young Actress
  • 2011

The Artist
The Artist
  • The Artist
  • Role: Peppy
  • The Artist
    Okay, so I have yet ANOTHER online GF who is straight [Bleh] but at least I’m not going on and on and on about Ellen Page or the movies The Kids Are All Right [complete w/ c*ck worshiping scene] or Juno.
Besides I’m not going to be reimagining that every time I see her interact with another woman that she is somehow a latent homosexual. For me it’s more important to accept and celebrate an individual for who they are, rather than who I wish they were.

Maybe it’s only me who is getting this star vibe from Berenice Bejo, but she reminds ne of another Hollywood Icon: The Late Natalie Wood.
Do You See It?
Natalie Wood Berenice Bejo
NW01 BB01
Do you see the resemblance in the bone structure of the face and the similarity in the eyes? [Albeit Wood’s eyes are a bit larger].

I don’t know but I am getting a vibe from this actress and it is resonating with Natalie Wood and that can be a very good thing because unlike Wood’s husband actor Robert Wagner, I don’t get the sense that Bejo’s husband has it in for her.
Yes I am a card carrying member of the “Robert Wagner Contributed to the Drowning Death of Natalie Wood Conspiracy Club”.
Therefore I am not expecting Bejo to have the same fate as Woods. After all her husband wrote the screenplay and the directed the movie: The Artist which he starred her in.

WOW! what a f*cking grand gesture of love.

What A Way To Win A Golden Globe and Screen Actor’s Guild Award!

Kinda of like Ellen Degeneres creating a sitcom for Portia diRossi, but rest assured diRossi isn't going to win anything. why? American Screenwriters of course.
Where Is This F*cking Movie?
The Artist was said to have been released nation-wide on November 25th 2011. You would hardly know it though because now that I look back I vaguely remember seeing one or two commercials promoting the film.\
Seems as though Hollywood may be a little gun-shy to promote snother movie by the French after Marion Cotillard’s huge win in 2007 for her performance as the legendary Edith Piaf in La Vie En Rose [A Life In Pink.
Have you ever wondered why the U.S. didn’t remake this movie?

1. The person the movie is about was a French superstar.

2.The award winning actress is a French superstar.
The U.S. has a problem, it remains under the delusion that it is the best and creates the best product. Let another good product come from another country and Hollywood will STEAL it and remake it, and the Hollywood Publicity scene will tout it as potentially Oscar worthy.

In Fact Hollywood had already come out with it's own silent movie titled: A Silent Life. I watched the preview and I can't tell you how so over I am about the Story of Rudolph Valentino,
known as "The Great Lover" around the world, Valentino reigns the screen as a dashing and virile "Sheik" and drives his female audience in hysteria. Off screen, however, his private life is a complete failure - the Sheik cannot satisfy even his own domineering wife.

The Silent Life is filmed both in Black and White AND in Color {That's Hollywood for ya'].

Let’s face it, the general consensus in the U.S. and the rest of the world is that for the most part American remakes of foreign Movies suck. Jury is out as to whether David Finche’s “Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” will break that assumption.
Back to Bejo though, I doubt this movie will be stolen also, why? Bejo did without saying a word, what Cotillard did with dialogue, create an empathic character. Not many empathic characters in U.S. films. The young actress who played serial Killer Aileen Wournos in the movie Monster generated empathy as a psychologically and sexually abused victim. That was successfully added to with Theron as the adult Wournos.
Cotillard was absurdly masterful as the evocative but troubled Piaf and Manon Chevalier proves that the Chevalier dynasty lives in her tear jerking performance as the child Piaf.image
But again these were spoken word movies. I am keen to view Berenice’s emotionally evocative performance.
I can’t find the film in my town and i am reluctant to venture in the Georgetown to watch it if it is still playing, because, well the area is less than what I regard as safe.

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