Your Mission If You Choose To Accept it…….

Is to watch Mission Impossible 4. YES It’s Good! Yes It’s a Global Adventure, Yes Cruise performs his own stunts and guess what? Beautiful Paula Patton does also.

2011 Paula Patton


It's fair to say that MI4 DOES pull out all the tricks of the Action/Adventure film. I however was really only interested in the stunts performed at the Burj Kahlifa in Dubai. It's the world's tallest building after all. Unfortunately the scenes at the Burj Kahlifa don't occur until almost an hour into the movie, prior to that we have to go through Cruise escaping a Russian prison set to the turn of an old standard, Cruise esacping from a hospital after the Kremlin is destroyed in a terrorist attack.
The IMAX version of the movie provides the best viewing, I was really into the desert scenes and southeast Asian scenes.

Here's the thing...many sites are going to give reviews and thi isn;t a movie review blog. Alo there is no watchable version on the internet so no links worth posting. If you aren't willing to spend the money to see this film on IMAX, I suggest finding the kargest screen possible.


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