Academy Award Nominations

Were announced on Tuesday 24.01.2012

Well to be honest despite previous claims I had not seen every single movie. However I did see Midnight in Paris, well before being bored to tears, I did see the remake of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo [Best Performance of a Lead Actress Really? This smacks of the Fact that Noomi Rapace was also nominated in 2010]. Hollywood is saying: “See We’re Just As Good” Um…NO You Aren’t. 


Now if I had MY way The Artist would make a clean sweep because it’s time to recognize good filmmaking. I am TIRED of being inundated with Vampires, Teen Warlocks, Special Effects and Toilet Bowl Humor [e.g. Fart and Sh*t Jokes] or worse yet African Americans being saved by a benevolent white person [The Help? Really? I guess in the movies people of color will NEVER get their act together enough to be successfully independently self reliant without being a rapper or drug pusher]. It's time to MOVE Forward, even if it mean looking back 80 years.

This is what Great Film is All About:
Unfortunately I doubt The Artist will sweep the awards because, well first off it’s a French film and the goddess knows that The United States is a xenophobic and racist country. Hell, in order to appeal to racist Southerners Newt Gingrich is blaming Mitt Romney for being able to speak French! Quelle Surpise…Yawn.

Still think about it: The Artist did not have any spoken dialogue until the last scene. There were NO special effects, there was NO sex scene, NO violence,. Symbolically a clean sweep ,would be like wiping the slate clean so that Hollywood could have a fresh start and maybe not produce poorly made movies that they steal from other countries anyway.


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