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This news might not make some of you happy: Kalinda's getting a boyfriend on The Good Wife. Showrunner/producer Robert King told me they enjoy taking Kalinda (played by Archie Panjabi) "back and forth" on the show, but it seems she's going to find male companionship in 2012.

"Possibly more a boyfriend than a girlfriend very soon," King said at the CBS/Showtime TCA Party. "She's had how many girlfriends in a row?"
“Many Girlfriends” and now More likely a Boyfriend? How many “Girlfriends” has Kalinda had? 


Well every episode I’ve seen has had this character usually rebuking the advances of another woman . I haven’t seen her in a serious long term relationship with a woman. If she’s has a serious long term relationship with a woman leave the answer in the comments.

With bisexuals that seem exclusively reserved for the opposite sex…and that will always be m by argument. Therefore pandering to the dominant heterosexual audience is nothing new, the same thing happens in the real world.

So if there were any girlfriends I certainly missed them unless they were short lived sexual dalliances (I think there might have been an allusion top a same sex kiss, the view blocked by a descending garage door) [That is where the delusion of Lesbian Subtext in the 21st Century begins. You don’t see it so you make it up].
This once again substantiates the fact that I personally don’t have to state that bisexuals exclusively choose long term relationships of the opposite sex, like I am beating it into the heads of my readers because reality often does it for me.


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