The online revolution has made it easier than ever to communicate and share information with anyone, anywhere ... or has it? Free speech online is only available to around two thirds of the internet-using world, as Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales explains in this clip.

Internet Censorship is NOT about protecting an industry [Hollywood} that doesn't hire you unless you're the child of a celebrity or in the "Inner Circle."
Internet Censorship is solely about obstructing your right to information, pure and simple. The sad fact is that President Obama is part and parcel in collusion with such a plan.

President Obama LIED when he promised transparency only to turn around and cloak information in secrecy.
Clearly the United States has a lot to hide, so much so that individuals such as Bradley Manning are persecuted for speaking truth to power.
Clearly President Obama must have something to hide, why else would he so readily and repeatedly give in to TeaPubliKKKan demands?
President Obama, being a Minstrel at the Apollo Theatre is NOT going to entice me to vote for you. Contrary to Popular belief many people of color are EDUCATED and don't readily succumb to 21 Century "Shucking and Jiving."
During President Obama's State of the Union Address he was eager to put others "ON Notice." Well I am putting YOU on notice Mr. President.  There is ONE thing that you can do for me to entice me to vote for you and that is to put some money in MY pocket for a change and NOT just the pockets of the wealthy!
The Clock is ticking Mr. President, YOUR Move and remember that you've already wasted 3 years Kowtowing to conservatives.


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