Kiss My A$$ Hollywood….

image That’s Right  Hollywood can Kiss My Ass!
In 1939 Hattie McDaniel became the FIRST African American to win an Academy Award for her role in the movie: Gone With The Wind in which she played a maid. McDaniel is famously quoted as saying that she’d rather play a maid onscreen than be a maid in “Real Life.”
72 years later EVERYONE in Hollywood is so Goddamn excited that Viola Davis willimage most likely be only the Fourth African American to win an Academy Award in the history of the Awards for playing a……Wait for it…………………………………MAID!

Kiss my ass Hollywood, I am glad that Mega Upload siphoned a minute portion of the racist crap you produce.   Oh yeah let’s face it, I don’t give a frak how much the movie The Help was about the strength of a group of women during a time of immense subjugation and social stratification.

I’m a woman of color, yes I am mixed with German but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t felt the sting of racism or that the stigma of stereotypes hasn’t impacted me. So I ask how many more fucking years do I have to live while whites relive their goddamn glory days of being waited on? Don’t think that a movie like The Help is justified because blacks often got the upper hand by making whites look foolish either.  The same sh*t used to happen during “Stepin Fecthit” movies and those movies were still considered incredibly racist films.

Let’s add some salt to the wound as those Goddamn inbred TeaBaggin Morons are in Florida Gearing up for Saturday’s primary to: “Take This Country Back” [from the brown president].
Then there’s Newt “TheGrinch” saying that African American youth  should be given jobs as janitors to teach them the value of a job. Fuck Yeah I am PISSED and HELL NO I am NOT going to attempt to appeal to intelligent and thinking white people. If you don’t get the fact that any reasonable individual would be sick to death of a group that she is associated with still being portrayed as MAIDS while whites likeimage Meryl Streep receive Oscar nominations for playing  roles like The Prime Minister of England then you can kiss my ass.
So what if you argue that Margaret Thatcher is a white woman and of course a white woman should play her. That’s NOT the Goddamn point! The point is that there are no roles for women of color that aren’t mired in stereotype and those portrayals are ALWAYS rewarded by Hollywood. So an actress of color needing a job has little choice when it come to reinforcing stereotypes.
image Denzel Washington wins a best actor award for playing a ruthless corrupt black cop in Training day. Yes it was a powerful portrayal, nonetheless very negative.

Halle Berry wins a best actress award for sexually debasing herself in Monsters Ball.

I don’t know why in the hell Whoopie Goldberg won Best Supporting actress for Ghost, she wasn’t that funny.

This is why an actor like Berenice Bejo  [who clearly is NOT a white Bejo01 woman], plays up her Argentinean origins and French background in Hollywood. Hell she is doing her damdest NOT to be cast as a stereotypical Undocumented Latina  or worse a Jezebel. After all TeaPubliKKKans have characterized First Lady Michelle Obama as “Sapphire.
Let’s NOT play games, I am in NO mood for the reactionary/hypersensitive response from whites that: “Things have gotten better.” you KNOW that for every step of cultural progress there are factions operating to take us back 10 steps.
This how American Cinema is, because if after 72 years the only portrayals available to women of color are those roles mired in racist assumptions then we can expect to wait another 72 years for white Hollywood to pat itself on the back for awarding another best actress award to a person of color playing a servant, a sexually promiscuous trollop or rogue cop.

Mrs, Hazanavicius [Berenice Bejo], your husband Michel is nominated for 10 Academy Awards for the movie: The Artist [Which you starred in], it is a French film and apparently there was no problem with color blind casting, but in the United States don’t get your hopes up for crossing over into American cinema unless you’re ready to………..Oh hell just appear in your husband's movies if you want a fair chance.


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