Whoa! It’s a SMASH!

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I watched the premier episode of the new NBC musical: SMASH and Oh My Goddess it is so NOT Glee you just want to scream!

Can I just say Megan Hilty are you kidding me?! Watching her and listening to her voice is \like sitting in the orchestra of Wicked all over again.

Now there are a few predictable conventionalities, like when the newly hired vlcsnap-2012-01-17-19h22m13s148 assistant steals the rehearsal tape that Megan Hilty is singing on, and emails it to his mother. However the tape ends up all over the internet. Well if this happened in reality his ass would have mowed GRASS.

Of course in make believe land the assistant purchases croissants says he’s sorry and keeps his job because he’s a lifelong fan of musicals? Then he becomes an empowered megalomaniac virtually begging to be fired again.


vlcsnap-2012-01-17-19h28m46s90 A unique approach occurs as we see Megan Hilty rehearsing and suddenly we see Hilty as Marilyn on the Broadway production, and the number has strong sexual undertones [Left: Hilty as Monroe enjoys the carnal oral pleasures of a skilled and “Cunning Linguist” during a musical number] as you will see on February 6th.

I won’t be surprised if the Mormons start with their bulllsh*t petitions all over again to “Playboy Club” Smash off of the air. Of course how could I expect anything less from a group that wants everyone else in the United States to protect their children who should be in bed by the time the show airs and who they should be protecting anyway.

Here's the thing. Megan Hilty is a Tony Award nominated Broadway star and the interplay between her and Kathryn McPhee is not so much in the premier episode.

Howevervlcsnap-2012-01-17-20h30m51s244 there is a spectacular finale where the two women prepare for a call back and as they traveled to the call back there is the duet of Let Me Be Your Star, it is SPECTACULAR.

I gotta' tell you though that despite having a phenomenal voice I am not feeling McPhee so much right now.

I am glad that Hilty has at least one or two characters in her corner. So there is definitely enough conflict to propel the show. Like the fact that if Ivy Lynn's [Hilty] nerves hadn't gotten the best of her forcing her to be late for her audition, then Karen Cartwright [Mcphee] would not have auditioned first.

Oh did I mention there's a whole lotta’ Bumpin' and Grindin’ going on? That's right SEX. So it's not so much that the director sees Karen as a fresh new Marilyn, as much as he's hot for her.

vlcsnap-2012-01-17-20h44m16s14For me Jack Davenport channels too much Simon Cowle channeling Tomas [From the movie Black Swan] placing him snugly in the “prick” category, although I surmise that is the intention of the producers [D-U-H].

Still it’s enough to turn me off of English accents.

Kathryn McPhee does shine in several musical and dance numbers in future episodes, but again so does Megan Hilty. It’s Kathryn’s show, but Kathryn is pop, sorry she sounds great but I don't feel Broadway, so look our for Megan Hilty because she hot on you trail Kathryn.

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