And the Academy Award Goes To…..

Ladies This Is My Prediction:

Most online sources will not choose, and that is what a prediction is: Making A Choice. If I am wrong, Who Cares?

Best Picture:

The Artist: Michel Hazanavicius’ silent masterpiece about the advent of sound in cinema and its paradoxically Deleterious effects on one star’s career and the rising starlet who saves him.
This movie appears to have been as much fun to make as it was  to watch HERE.:

With All my disparaging of the Pathological Penis, it’s refreshing to see a guy in a role not hurting a woman by: physical or psychological means. It’s easy to like a character that is not metaphorically swinging his dick around onscreen as a some sort of lothario/super hero.

And how refreshing is NO dialogue? You can mentally hear the words the characters speak merely by looking at the screen. That’s a good thing when you consider the predictable dialogue spoken in nearly every current release:
“You IS Good…You IS Kind” The Help

Naaah I’m NOT feeling it, I didn’t go into debt to attend Graduate School just to accept functionally illiterate characters of color as Oscar worthy. Still not ready to watch The Help.

Oh who am I fooling, you all know that I think the character of Peppy Miller, as portrayed by Argentinean/French Actress Berenice Bejo is just “The Cat's Pajamas!”

The Embrace:

Best Actor:
This  is a tricky on because since The Artist will probably win Best Picture, The Academy may give this to another actor.


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