The Artist: Academy Award Winner! BEST Picture of 2011!

Host Billy Crystal said it best: “We are sitting around watching Millionaires give each other Gold Statues.”
"The Artist" has been named the Best Picture of 2011 by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

The black-and-white, largely silent film, directed by Michel Hazanavicius, is set in Hollywood at the dawn of the sound era. It follows a matinee idol (Jean Dujardin) unable to adjust to talkies, and the young ingénue (Berenice Bejo) whose career flourishes as his declines.

Jean Dujardin
Berenice Bejo et Michel

Jean and Berenice Good Luck! 
The Artist won [5] Academy Awards! Best Picture! Best Lead Actor: Jean Dujardin, Best Costume Design, Best Score, Bets Director: Michel Hazanavicius.  I only wish Berenice had won best Supporting Actress.
I honestly didn’t think the Artist was going to win. Oh sure for months I’ve posted about how the movie was Oscar worthy. Yes I’ve posted about how The Artist’s clarity and simplicity made it memorable and how about that dog? No wonder fans started a Facebook page petitioning the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and image Sciences to give Uggie an special “Oscar”.
I admit though that I am disappointed that Berenice Bejo was shut out.  I mean  she was integral to Jean Dujardin winning the best actor award. Now remember that the voting Academy responsible for who gets an Oscar is comprised of 97% while males over the age of 62.
imageTherefore it’s no surprise that they haven’t moved past black women as maids in movies. So while Octavia Spencer hopes that her winning  best supporting actress will open more opportunities for women of color.  I hope that it’s not more opportunities, for women of color to play maids, because Bejo is a woman of color who didn’t play a maid and it didn’t help her any.
Bringing Them ALL Together
(“George”, “Peppy”, “Uggie”)


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