For The Love Of Traci [Dinwiddie]

Okay guys I know I’m mean, I retired the Traci Dinwiddie posts! See I got tired of the most read posts on this site NEVER changing, it is as if people would just click the popular post, but they would click them because no one ever explored all the other posts.  It’s not fair to the other articles and they complained so I had to set things right and tell the Traci Dinwiddie post that she needed to cool down.  Well she refused [She’s such an attention Goddess] so because Traci is difficult to subdue into retirement she went. Sorry.

Still Because deep down inside I do appreciate my tiny cadre of readers here is some footage of Traci in Boston last summer feeding the Swans. I think the footage is shot by her GIRLFRIEND [necklace woman from Dinah last year and the retired post: Traci Dinwiddie's in love! Am I Heartbroken?].

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