Lesbian Erin Martin on The Voice

This is kinda’ BOGUS, Erin Martin is ALREADY IN the Business just like Dia Frampton and virtually every other contestant on The Voice. For regular people like us, the fact that Erin's voice has already been heard on television shows like: Pretty Little Liars means that she is already on her way to the top. So suddenly The Voice like the rest of Hollywood loses a bit of its magic for me.

Yes American Idol is losing some of it's thrill but at least if I were an undiscovered singer the fact that they travel the United States lends a bit of authenticity to its identification as a "Reality" Show.
Don’t get me wrong, I love The Voice but could they step outside of California for goodness sake?! I really am tired of Los Angeles and its bullshit.


Erin Martin has a great sound, reminiscent of last year’s runner up Dia Frampton. Erin introduced her girlfriend on the show which aired Monday February 13, 2012.


I really hope that if she wins Erin doesn’t do what nearly EVERY celebrity in Hollywood does and that is to suddenly come out as “Bisexual” to appeal to a wider audience. I mean EVERYONE on Earth is essentially bisexual, it’s just that some prefer the opposite sex while others prefer the same sex, while others have no preference, but please be clear that there is NO 3rd sexual orientation as much as the other websites want to allude to there being a 3rd orientation.

There’s only two sexual; orientations: Homosexual and Heterosexual and that’s because there are only TWO sexes. Even for people who are “inter-sexed” it’s still only TWO sexes.


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