Let’s Get It On

Last season I wrote that all of the other characters seem to have “Hooked Up” with their love interests and this season it would be Emily and Maya’s turn. So what took so damn long? Why did Emily tell Bianca that she [Emily] had a problm with Bianca datin g guys but not for the reasons Bianca thinks? How does Emily know what Bianca thinks?

What took so long for these two was that apparently the producer needed to make sure that viewers didn’t Choose Paige or the other one…Oh and as the years pass, Bianca Lawson [Maya] looks even younger! I mean come on! She’s in her 30’s for goodness sake.
Okay so Maya loves Emily and Emily has sex with Maya.  Um hello, safe sex?  Um Hello does loving Emily mean that Maya is no longer in the “Grey” area? This is why I don’t date Bisexual women, they are never “straight" forward [pun intended].


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