Maryland Senate approves Marriage Equality

imageDisclaimer: I am NOT anti Christian, I could care less as I spent my Childhood attending parochial school-my mantra-is-“Believe whatever you want, just don’t FORCE your beliefs on others.” But if they force their beliefs on me then I will uncover nonsense wherever I encounter it.
As much as some people think that voter referendums are going to mean something, Marriage Equality is HERE and though it may take years and years before we are given the right to marry in ALL fifty states, rest assured that people were just waiting to see how the California decision was going to go before their legislatures acted. The Government is highly unlikely to forever have Marriage Equality in some states and not others. It’s a Constitutional violation to have some states not recognize the laws of other states.  

However homophobes want to drag this out as long as possible, so they are trying to take the issue to the voters.  That’s what happened with Slavery and the majority [Heterosexuals] Do NOT get to decide what rights the minority {Homosexuals] should have.
It’s already been tried and it didn’t work. So to the New Jersey Governor who recently vetoed a Marriage Equality Bill,
Chris Christy what is wrong with you? Stop playing with people’s lives.


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