Much Respect For Viola Davis

The downside about living “Life On The Cheap” is that I no longer have cable television. See I am really NOT into paying an exorbitant amount for much of nothing.

So what happens when your digital television loses reception? If you have a Digital Television, then you know the picture quality is comparable to cable television.  However if you are watching over the air broadcasts, then your digital television can be quite fickle, if your television moves a millimeter you can lose reception. This is what happened when I lost the Broadcast of the 84th Annual Academy Awards!

After the awards show started I saw that the movie Hugo won the first four Oscars, I thought that my favorite movie: The Artist didn’t stand a chance of winning Best Picture, so I decided to see how The Family Guy was doing, when I changed back to the Academy Awards it was unable to be found. I missed the show and ended up watching The Apprentice [a repeat] and writing.

I had heard that Best Actress nominee Viola Davis wore her hair natural and when I saw the image photo I was so proud of her. If you are a person of color {I will explain that term later] then you know that depending on your racial composition that your hair can be a challenge. Seeing Ms. Davis wear her hair natural as opposed to processed or under a wig was refreshing. Her hair really looked nice!

What Does The Term: Person of Color Mean?

I’ve referred to  Berenice Bejo as a woman of color so some of you may think: How can that be?! Berenice Bejo looks nothing like Viola Davis.
Well if you are a 84th-annual-academy-awards-arrivals-celebutopia1-Berenice-Bejo person of color you do not necessarily have to be African American in fact Person of color (plural: people of color; persons of color) is a term used, primarily in the
United States, to describe all people who are not white.

The term is meant to be inclusive among non-white groups, emphasizing common experiences of
racism. Globally as in the case of Berenice Bejo whose family left Argentina because of a dictator, it could mean to experience other types of oppression.

Also as you can see. Bejo is not white.

This doesn’t mean that people of color are anti white, but it does mean that we are developing a collective conscious even if in a minor way over our unique experiences.


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