The Smash Debate: Are You Team Ivy or Team Karen?

from TV Guide with Editor Critique

Warning: This may contain spoilers about the lead role of Marilyn: The Musical. Read at your own risk.

Smash It's more like smoosh when it comes to Ivy Lynn, huh? What?! Of course we're not saying that bedding down with Derek is the only reason Ivy Lynn landed the coveted Marilyn gig, but it sure had to help and it shows what happens a lot in the entertainment industry. 
Besides the director did make the moves on Karen first, but Iowa was too ethical  [Boring](or maybe too scared) to do her own 20th Century Fox mambo with the director to further her career.
It's a shame, really, that the sex stuff - as well as Tom's clear favoritism - had to muddy the waters of the casting choice, since both contenders are such damn fine options. Ivy has the experience, body and appeal, while Karen has the drive, innocence and a voice that can heal the sick. I disagree Ivy Lynn clearly has the STRONGER Broadway presence.
Editor’s Reality Check: Norma Jean Mortenson [Marilyn Monroe’s REAL name] was NO Innocent. That is just more Hollywood Myth-Making. I mean sure it makes for a great Back Story but how how innocent is a model who repeatedly posed nude and appeared in Playboy Magazine? How innocent is a person who has had multiple marriages? If you believe that Marilyn Monroe was “Innocent” then you also believe that Kim Kardashian really wanted her marriage with Chris Humphries to work.
Now we'll never really be sure if Ivy won the role on her stage talents alone.
Editor’s Reality Check: Of course we can be sure that sex didn’t get her the role: Sex is sex and business in another thing. The director isn’t going to jeopardize  either his position or the producer’s financing merely because he got laid].
or if Karen just needs more time in the chorus to cut her teeth [Karen needs more time and more talent, Her voice, although melodic is still weak when compared to Ivy Lynn’s voice].
Still since the majority of American viewers are non questioning dullards it makes for a juicy situation for the dimwitted segment of fans who wanted to see one or the other triumph. So let the diva debate begin! Are you Team Karen or Team Ivy? 
Me: Team Ivy! 
Offer your take on the casting twist in the comments area after you click the title of thus post and let's see who has the most support.All choices will be posted,because you never know, that role could wind up in someone else's hands before the curtain rises! [I got a sneaky feeling that the most support will go to…….].



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