SMASH Ep 2: The CallbackDidn’t I tell you all that Megan Hilty [Ivy Lynn] is All about the SEXY? Could that be what will contribute to her downfall? image
Last night [2.13.2012], SMASH cast Marilyn Monroe in the big Broadway musical based on her life at the show’s center. Or, did they?

While Ivy Lynn (Megan Hilty) may have done whatever it took to make an impression on the show’s lothario director, Derek (Jack Davenport), it was Ivy’s long-standing friendship with the songwriting team of Julia & Tom (Debra Messing & Christian Borle) and the belief in her readily apparent talent by the lead producer, Eileen (Anjelica Huston), that really sealed the deal. 

\While I am ecstatic over what happened for Ivy it only makes me curious about what could occur to ruin things for her. I really think  Megan Hilty is perfect for the role of Marilyn but of course the writers of SMASH need to create conflict in order to progress the narrative and keep McPhee as the star.
So at least for the next few episodes at least, Ivy is the star of the show - and she is going to wring every last wiggle, coo and peck out of the role. Plus, who can put over a number in true Broadway fashion - as Marilyn Monroe, perfectly played, other than Megan Hilty?
From the previews that were in the first episode it is apparent that Ivy Lynn despite her years of experience and the fact that she was in the goddamn Chorus line dancing for the show she just left when she was cast as Marilyn, on a future episode Ivy Lynn [Hilty] will suddenly reveal that she has problems doing the dance routines for Marilyn? What?!  Well that certainly doesn’t make sense to me.


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