Thank You Nancy Grace

A lot of people regard Nancy Grace: The CNN celebrity as a “Busy Body.” What most people don’t know is that prior to Ms. Grace’s CNN show or her Dancing With The Stars appearances that she was a practicing attorney. A prosecutor to be exact. Nancy Grace became a prosecutor in response to the murder of her fiancé years ago.
Nancy has questions and i am happy that at least one person has the intelligence to ask:
“I'd like to know who was around her [Whitney], who, if anyone gave her drugs – allowing alcohol and drugs – and who let her slip, or pushed her, underneath that water? Grace then added: 'Who let Whitney Houston go under her water?” 

You have to keep in mind the photos from TMZ that showed that there was some hard partying going on in Houston’s suite.
Even if no signs of force were present, how much force would it take to drown someone if they are nearly passed out from alcohol and drugs anyway?
Why is CNN afraid to examine this possibility? Everyone thinks that if a murder occurred that Whitney would be able to fight off her offender.  That’s not necessarily true.
In fact The Houston family should also want to know this information. Was there anyone in the suite with Whitney and where were her assistants?

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