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I don’t understand why a movie preview like Nicole Conn’s: “A Perfect Ending” would cause a problem with my ad network however I’ve been requested to remove the You Tube streaming video preview from Lesberatti because adBite won’t approve my ad zone unless the video is removed, despite other adBrite  ads still appearing.


Watch Video On You Tube

Yes I know that is censorship as well as Homophobic. Especially considering that it was a You Tube video and was not banned by You Tube and has NO nudity or profanity [unless you consider the word “Hell” profanity] in it. 

Needless to write this new development does present a conundrum as I highly respect freedom of expression and is worth serious consideration. Rest assured now that I’ve posted this, that all my ads may be removed and my account may even be deactivated because of what may be perceived arbitrarily as a violation of the company’s Terms of Service by ONE individual.



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