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Liya Kebede, the  Stunning Ethiopian Supermodel - who has appeared in countless Vogue editorials and campaigns including Lord & Taylor and Balenciaga - is set to image star in the new French flick, Sur La Piste Du Marsupilami which translates to On the Trail of the Marsupilami. The film is based on a series of Belgian comics about two reporters on a quest to find the mysterious animal, the “Marsupilami,” whereupon they meet Queen Paya, played by Liya. Above is the trailer with a few snippets of Liya in a comedic and cute movie.

Before you get all over me for not calling Kebede’s portrayal of a native: “Racist,” it’s a comedy.  Much room can be made for accepting the unacceptable in comedy.  Also Kebe is poking fun at the way Hollywood portrays people of color much like herself, who also happens to be  member of an indigenous culture. 

That is a world away from playing a maid and reliving the injustices that they experienced, merely: 1. Because Caucasian Hollywood producers refuse to stop living in the past and 2. Caucasian audiences want to pat themselves on the back for "coming so far" [Which they haven't: Just read my post on the racist behavior of The Hunger Games fans or more realistically look at the Trayvon Martin case in Sanford Florida].

Race is comedy is a staple, but one's true racist attitudes can also be revealed: Like when comedian Lisa Lampanelli the contestant who teamed up with Aubrey O’Day on The Celebrity Apprentice to get rid of Patricia Velasquez.

See Lisa Lampanelli (a.k.a. The Queen of Mean) has made a career of using Invidious Comparison [1. Tending to rouse ill will, animosity, or resentment: invidious accusations. 2. Containing or implying a slight; discriminatory: invidious distinctions.3. Envious.] over her remarks concerning people of color. Number 3. is significant in the context of Lisa referencing Dayana Mendoza’s beauty several times during her criticism of Dayana’s efforts on Celebrity Apprentice. Yes Lampanelli is torn between envy, hatred and probably wanting to F--- Dayana.

Lampanelli and I had a little confrontation, because the woman has based her entire career on making deleterious jokes about the “Black  Men” that she’s bedded and how  they can’t get credit, keep a job, yadda yadda YADDA. She informed me that she wasn’t a racist because she is married to a Caucasian. I don’t know why she told me that when you consider the posts I have made on how racists will often use the race they more or less despise just for sex, only to have life partnership with partners of the same race. There is a comic: “Don Rickles” he was the one made famous this type of humor.

Unlike Lampanelli though, Rickles was bigoted against everyone: All Races and Ethnicities especially Europeans. Lampanelli seems fixated on African American men and that’s not cool considering recent events
Moving on, this movie looks pretty good. Besides isn't the Marsupilami just the cutest?

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