Mediocre Men

Yes I waited 9 months for the season 5 premier of “Mad  Men,” as I was watching the show I felt oddly disconnected. I had always wondered why these characters always seem uncomfortable in Social Situations. Why is that? I mean why does Peggy always seem to have a stick shoved up her arse? Why do the guys always act like pricks [more or less].
Zou Bisou Bisou [I confess…I love only you!]

Seriously I was only looking forward to the season 5 premier of Mad Men because of of Jessica Pare…that’s it. Hey I’m no liar and Pare did not disappoint me one bit. Granted she doesn’t have the best voice, but it’s the total package: Her mannerisms, that accent. and the nature of the character that appeals to me. But what was up with the party goers?


It’s been a pretty hard few weeks, years, months, centuries for people of color. Rest assured though I am not anti-white [heck my mother is German]. I love me some French women, or just speak the language reasonably well and you’ve gotten my attention.
Mad Men 1965:

NOT interested in the Civil Rights angle, just give the African American woman the job and I pray she doesn’t play as a stereotype. See I wasn’t interested in the whites behaving as if they got caught doing something wrong with those guys pouring water on the protestors. Please just read my other posts: You will  see how short my fuse is with making excuses for racist white people.

My fuse is also short with Don Draper, he better get it together as far as his treatment of Megan [Pare] and what is the significance of her friend saying that she is a “Good Actress”?


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