Oh My Goddess She KILLED Kenny…Er I mean Maya

Entertainment Weekly posted an interview with showrunner Marlene King and executive producer Oliver Goldstick, in which they confirmed that Maya really is dead:”
Who killed Maya? Why is Maya Dead? Who’s house was that and why was Emily’s mother there if it wasn’t her house? If it was her house couldn’t she identify Maya’s body?
Does it matter? I knew that Stalker “Crazy Eyes” Paige was going to return to torment Emily.

Who is “A”?
EVERYONE knows that Mona was the “Fake” A and that the Real “A” still lurking, waiting to wreak havoc, because it’s Allison’s identical twin crazy sister. Meanwhile did they truly identify Alison? Because in the book, Crazy Alison switched identity’s with “Sane” Alison and since crazy Alison was supposed to be in a nuthouse, but that’s where “Sane” Alison was sent.

Maybe the show will change this from the original story but that is who the “Real” A is: Alison’s insane Identical Twin sister.

So since the producers and writers wanted to ruin it for those who liked the character of Maya St. Germaine, I will ruin it for those who didn’t like her.
But why did they have to turn Maya from an emotionally mature, trustworthy teen to a conniving and sniveling dishonest liar?
And why did they bring back Crazy Eyes Paige? Now who is imagegonna save Emily? You know that “Crazy Eyes” Paige meant to harm Maya. Paige is obsessed with Emily. Can Psycho Paige make it any more obvious that she has been stalking Emily in hopes of getting some sweet stuff? Paige: “Oh Emily, I am so sorry.” Translation: You better Run girl.
I’m not going to rage on Twitter with the other Maya St. Germaine supporters, I’m not going to establish a petition to voice my dissatisfaction. It’s over and as far as I’m concerned I am over Pretty Little Liars, as I previously wrote: Racial diversity was the cornerstone of the show and having one woman of color [Emily] partnered with another woman of color [Maya] was pretty progressive.

Sadly though PLL producers not only succumbed to the Homophobes but to the racists as well. Yeah right like I’m interested in watching the lives of white teenagers be happy with their heterosexual partners while the Asian lesbian is left lonely with a psychopath hot on her trail. I don’t think so. Particularly since the show’s next move will probably be to partner Emily with a male. Oh you know that the bisexuals want that to happen.

Shame on you Pretty Little Homophobic Bigots. I am NOT going to rationalize the show by writing that PLL employs a lot of Lesbian and Gay writers  [because I bet they are white lesbian and gay writers] besides they will write their mothers into hell to receive a paycheck so what kind of rationalization is that? 

AfterEllen exists in the “Belly of the Beast” [Los Angeles] so apparently this is the best their writers can do?: Give weak justifications of an atrocity to viewers of color? Do the writers over at AfterEllen have their heads shoved so far up the arses of showrunner Marlene King and executive producer Oliver Goldstick, that they refuse to smell how rotten of a betrayal this is because they don’t want to jeopardize their access to the show’s creative department? Ahh the legacy of Sara Warn’s Sycophancy lives on.

Don’t you HATE when Caucasians try to tell people of color: “It’s sad that you got slammed AGAIN, but those things happen.” Is that supposed to make us feel any better? Better that the writers over at AfterEllen keep their imbecilic mouths SHUT and their fingers off of the keyboard.
This isn’t like the L Word, where determined lesbians demanded the return of Marina Ferrer and got it, {Albeit Karina Lombard returned only after Chaiken and Company took creative control of a derivative story that had featured Marina “DiVibio” Ferrer returning to Jenny after Jenny travels to Italy to restore their relationship]. Oh like the plagiarism wasn’t transparent merely because they changed Marina’s full name from Marina “di Vibio” Ferrer to: Marina “de la Caravesca” Ferrer.

How do I know all of this? I was the author of the stolen story arc! Well the same thing can’t happen for Maya if she is already dead….Unless they change the name of the show to: Pretty Little Walking Dead.

No Maya?  No PLL for me this summer…Hey Where’s Nurse Jackie? and thank the goddess Christina Hendricks and her “girls” are returning with Jessica Pare to Mad Men on Sunday March 25.

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