Our Miss Brooks

Often I get stuck in a "Loop." The last loop circled around Raquel Welch.  Now I've gone as far back as the 1920s, thanks to the movie "The Artist" I am suddenly ALL into studying Silent Film. Actually I'm more into studying Louise Brooks. 
If I had the power to travel back in time [what is it? 85 years more or less.] I would hope to circumvent the prevailing normative ethnic and social assumptions of the time and sleep with Louise Brooks. Eventually I'd get to stopping Hitler, 9/11, Yadda Yadda Socially Conscious Stuff...but I mean...Come On. This woman was Beyond HOT, besides My Heart Wants What It Wants and not many of Today’s women have “It” but Louise had "It". Check out the first few seconds of this music video: LuLu is caught making out with the producer by BOTH the Man and Woman who are in love LuLu.

I downloaded the full version of Pandora's Box. This movie had everything that today's feature length movies have: Murder, Sex, Scandal, Lesbianism, Gambling. at Over 2 hour’s and 12 minutes the movie and our Miss Brooks were truly ahead of the times. 
image image image
I would love to have given Louise Brooks an “Exotic” Delight.

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