Patricia Velasquez…..

You’re FIRED!
Sometimes I wish that I had never gone to college, had never earned a graduate degree [Masters of Science 2006]. Knowledge can sometimes ruin the blissfulness image of ignorance.

No…I don’t really regret going to school, but it’s a pain in the arse when I write in my last post about The Celebrity Apprentice, that the white women were colluding and conspiring to get rid of Patricia Velasquez and Dayana Mendoza [the only two women of color] and this week Aubrey choose both Patricia and Diana to company her to the boardroom after they lose a challenge so one of them will be fired.

See this is what white people do. Even though Aubrey was the project manager, she insisted that her team losing wasn’t her fault. Out of the 5 challenges their team has had, they’ve lost 3 and only won 2. Aubrey was always trying to control every challenge, she is the one that should have been fired. I didn't watch the entire two hours because I can’t stand watching women of color being out-numbered. This is what whites have done throughout history, from Before the Treaty of Versailles to something as seemingly inconsequential as The Celebrity Apprentice. 

UPDATE: Aubrey O'Day has an active Twitter account. Wouldn't it be justice if she was inundated by many telling her what a racist as she is for choosing the only two women of color for elimination. Racists are so comfortable with their behavior that thye don't see the larger implications of their actions. If anything Aubrey would probably think: "Why does everyone hate me?" Tell her that she's a Bigot. If not Dayana's effort will be in vain .

image All the contestants are financially stable. What Dayana should have done when Patricia was fired was to walk out with her in protest because being one quiet Latina against 4 scheming racist white women, well Dayana doesn’t stand a chance.

Mendoza will never see this but: Dayana, [Lo siento, pero no escribo en espanol perfectamente] - Sé fuerte, Aubrey y los damás son racistas. Usted debe estar fuerte no es demasiado ser despedido. [How beautiful is Dayana? Dayum]


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